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Leisure, prestige and privilege to the fullest.

Green roof terraces and cafes.
Professional building management.
Professional security system.

Details to make life easier.

32 office floors, total of 35.000 sqm of gross leasable area.
4 car parking levels providing 600 car parking spaces.
%76 plan efficiency.

A world of convenience and privileges.

Valet service.
Special privileges for River Plaza members inside the hotel.
Hüseyin Özdilek

Özdilek entered the retail sector in 1967 and started production in Bursa in 1971 with 2 weaving looms, 5 personnel, and an annual production capacity of 10 tons with an investment in the textile industry.

Today, it continues its journey with an annual production capacity of 12,000 tons of cotton yarn, 7,500 tons of towels - bathrobes and 18,000,000 meters of duvet covers - sheets in facilities with a closed area of 122,000 square meters. Özdilek is one of the world's leading manufacturers with its production capacity, quality, and its potential realized in integrated facilities with modern technology and automation.

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